Offer a new life to your spectrometer

updating picture Thanks to the GNR updating kit, keep your current spectrometer and equip it with a new generation electronic. Your spectrometer is once again efficient, conforms to the european regulations and his life span automatically increases.

Our kit includes the Windows software METAL LAB 2.60 or more (operating under Microsoft Windows) which is user-friendly and easy to use.

These updatings can be made on GNR, Baird, Hilger, Philips or Arl spectrometers... .

The outsourcing of your metal analysis to external laboratories makes you overspend your budget? We offer you a range of updated spectrometers and their peripheral devices intended for laboratories and quality departments. These spectrometers are guaranteed as our new ones and can benefit from a warranty extension.

Acquire an efficient spectrometer at a lower price than a new one.

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