Metal Oil Analyzer

GNR Metal-Oil Analyzer (MOA) is specifically designed for elemental analysis of lubrificating oils, transmission fluids, fuels, hydraulic fluids and wear Metal oil picture metal greases, contaminants, additives and corrosive impurities for preventive maintenance and lower costs.

The efficiency of the rotating disc electrode associated with the electric spark discharge generator and the Paschen-Runge optical emission system have been proved for almost 30 years in many application fields such as military, air force, navy, transportation, mines, F1 car racing...

This technology does not use gases and avoid the dilution of the sample.

Technical specifications

Analytical channels : 28 max.
Analysis time : 30 seconds
Voltages : 220 or 115 VAC - 50/60 Hz
Power : 500 Watts max.
Dimensions : H 86 x L 73 x P 45 cm
Weight : about 85 kg
Computer : Notebook or PC

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