F-20 Analyzer

Desktop spectrometer for the analysis of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys

The optical emission spectrometer F-20 Analyzer, with a 20-channel analytic capacity, accounts for the ideal solution to process systematic accurate checks in order to certify the quality and homogeneity of the material. It can also be used for daily analysis.

Reliable, easy to use, accurate and fast, this spectrometer is able to make complete analysis on about twenty elements in a few seconds.

Thanks to its reduced dimensions and to the quality of its components, F-20 Analyzer accounts for the ideal solution to be used in any working place : Office, Laboratory, Stock, Production.

Thanks to its reduced price, it enables companies to use their own equipment and ensure the quality of its products without waiting for the results from an external laboratory.

Technical specifications

Optical system - Paschen-Runge mounting
- Focal length 500 mm
- Holographic grating 2700 tr/mn
- Spectral field 185-600 nm
- Linear dispersion 0.55 nm/mn first order
Source - Frequency 600 Hz
Computer - Standard
Installation - Power supply 220 V + 10% 2 KVA
- Dimensions H 60 x L 70 x P 65 cm
- Weight about 80 Kg

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