Esa Port

Portable optical spectrometer for in situ analysis, with the Arc and/or Spark excitation source

The instrument is small sized and can be brought and used everywhere, from production department to warehouse. ESA PORT is an ideal instrument for PMI controls (Positive Metal Identification), for material sorting, for incoming and outcoming quality controls. It can also be used with a battery. Esaport picture
Its Argon measure pistol is aimed at getting results as accurate as the ones got with laboratory instruments. This system can also detect carbon.

The optical emission portable spectrometer ESA PORT uses a specifically dedicated CCD optical system, which enables a large analytical flexibility

Technical specifications

Optical system - Paschen-Runge Mounting
- Focal length 150 mm
- Holographic grating 3600 g/mm
- Spectral field 240-560 nm
- Multi-CCD digital electronics detectors
Pistol - Shock resistant pistol
- Command integrated : to start, to print, to save.
- Indication LED GO/NO GO
- Quartz optical fiber length 1.5 meter
- Interchangeable head
- Silver, tungsten and copper electrodes available
- Easy to maintain
Monitor - Built in
- USB interface
- Sensitive touch LCD monitor
- Resolution 640 x 480
Dimensions - H 160 mm x L 270 mm x P 370 mm
- Weight 18 kg
- Temperature of use 5-35°C
- Storage temperature 0-50°C
- Humidity 85 % max
Power supply - External lead battery
- Battery life 200 analyses
- Battery charger 100/230 V AC 50/60 Hz
- Consumption 200 W in use - 50 W in sleep mode
- Low argon consumption in spark mode
Options - Trolley
- Battery

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